Clinical study of subretinal transplantation of clinical human embryonic stem cells derived retinal pigment epitheliums in treatment of dry age-related macular degeneration diseases

General Information

Clinical trials phase Alternative regulatory mechanism
Start date (estimated) 2016-06-20
End date (estimated) 2017-06-20
Clinical feature
Label atrophic macular degeneration
Description Dry AMD is most common type of macular degeneration and affects 90% of the people who have the condition. In the dry form, there is a breakdown or thinning of the layer of retinal pigment epithelial cells (RPE) in the macula. No medical or surgical treatment is available for this condition.

Administrative Information

Other study identifiers
Name ChiCTR-OCB-15007054 
Source weblink
Regulatory body approval
Name Ethics committee of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University
Study sites
Public contact
First name Jie
Last name Hao
Street North 4th Ring Road,Haidian District ,Beijing,100190,China.
Postcode 100190
City Beijing
Sponsors Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Recruitment Status Recruiting
Estimated number of participants 10