1. alternative name

    All names and synonyms of cell lines which are not standardized hPSCreg names are alternative names.

  2. genetic modification

    Genetic modifications are defined to be any changes in the genomic DNA, which are not detected in the parental clone. These modifications include variants (spontaneously arising with respect to the parental clone) and engineered modifications (changes made through human intervention by genetic engineering techniques).

  3. hPSCreg synonym

    An hPSCreg synonym is an additional name registered on hPSCreg for a hPSCreg cell line with another official hPSCreg name. The data shown for both names is identical.

  4. Parental clone or parental cell line

    A parental clone or cell line is the primary pluripotent stem cell line, which could be: 1) an embryonic stem cell line 2) an induced pluripotent stem cell line that arises from the reprogramming of germ stem cells or somatic cells. Parental cell lines are only genetically modified by processes that facilitate their reprogramming.

  5. subclone

    On hPSCreg, a subclone is defined to be a cell line that has been derived from a parental line and has changes in the genomic DNA that were not detected in the parental line. If the clone is not genetically different from the parental cell line, it is not a subclone on hPSCreg.