How to register

In order to register a cell line or to add new data to a cell line, it is necessary to sign up. Minimal registration criteria must be met before a cell line can be registered. Additional information available for a cell line can be provided using the Additional Information fields. The amount of information available for a cell line will impact on the comparability and ranking of the line.

Minimal registration criteria

  • Documentation of ethical provenance of the cells according to national regulation
  • Evidence for pluripotency of the cell
  • That the cell is, in principle, available for research

hPSCreg is aware of the fact that it is impossible for ethical and legal reasons to conduct a strict pluripotency test with human cells (chimerism assay), and that in vitro or in vivo teratoma assays are inconclusive. Therefore, hPSCreg accepts as surrogate evidence for pluripotency the expression of pluripotency markers and the differentiation into cells of the three germ layers endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm.

Additional Information

This is any information on a cell line that exceeds the minimal registration criteria, including cultivation protocols, batch information, expression arrays, genetic information, donor phenotype / disease information, details on differentiation potential or usage in specific applications or projects and publications.

Validation process

An SOP - guided validation process is carried to provide users with two essentially new pieces of information in hPSCreg:

  • That human pluripotent stem cell lines listed on hPSCreg comply with the fundamental ethical principles for hESC and hiPSC research
  • Listed cell lines fulfill a minimum criteria that will qualify them to have characteristics of human pluripotent stem cells

Originators and providers of human pluripotent stem cell lines are requested to review the data on their cell lines entered in hPSCreg, and in particular, to complete the Registration Information. Based on completeness of this information individual cell lines will be reviewed and those that have successfully passed this review will be listed as Validated.

To complete registration, it is a requirement to provide evidence for informed consent of the donor(s) with the data protection measures in place (the donor’s names and signatures should be blanked out).

In addition, information on the maximum passage level to which the cell line has been stably maintained and the morphology of the cell line is required. A minimum, differentiation information should be provided for at least one method, i.e. in vitro or in vivo.

Cell lines with full Registration Information are then listed as Submitted/Unvalidated, which will trigger the validation by hPSCreg. Cell lines in the process of completion are listed as Unsubmitted.

Adding new information for already registered hPSCreg lines

Originators, providers and users of cell lines wishing to complete or update the information are requested to sign up at hPSCreg and contact us in order to get access.

Publication as a Lab Resource article in Stem Cell Research offers the possibility upon validation and acceptance to publish the generation and characterization of your pluripotent cell line as a Lab Resource article in Stem Cell Research. Lab Resource articles are Open Access articles with their own DOI.

If you are interested in such opportunity, upon acceptance to the registry, please download the Lab Resource submission format within the record of your registered cell line in your personal account and follow the instructions to submit.

For further information click here.

Quick-Start Guide

There is a Quick-Start Guide

available. The guide explains how to create an account at hPSCreg, register hPSCreg and EBiSC cell lines and add data to existing cell lines. The guide additionally includes an list of mandatory fields for cell line registrations.