EU-funded projects using hPSC

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  1. The MATRIX  

    1st Sep 2023 - 1st Sep 2048

    Inflammatory resolution and remodelling of the adipose extracellular matrix: key determinants of a metabolically healthy phenotype?

  2. MoMacTrajectALI  

    1st Jan 2025 - 31st Dec 2029

    Monocyte-to-Macrophage Trajectories After Lung Injury: Spatio-temporal investigation, molecular regulation & functional implications for lung regeneration and immunity.

    Associated cell lines:
  3. RNAStrEnD  

    1st Jan 2024 - 31st Dec 2029

    RNA structure ensemble dynamics in living cells

    Associated cell lines:
  4. GrowthSINE  

    1st Oct 2024 - 30th Sep 2029

    Growing Long Distance – RNA Control of Neuronal Extension

    Associated cell lines:
  5. OriSha  

    1st Oct 2024 - 30th Sep 2029

    Engineering the Origin of Human Shape: Defining Patterns and Axes in the Early Stage of 3D Pluripotency

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Sep 2023 - 31st Aug 2029

    Control mechanisms and robustness of multicellular symmetry breaking


    1st May 2023 - 1st May 2029

    Dissecting the regulatory mechanisms driving trophoblast cell fate

    1st Apr 2024 - 1st Apr 2029

    Coupling morphogen dynamics with mechanics in the control of form and pattern
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Apr 2024 - 31st Mar 2029

    Off-the-shelf hypoimmunogenic photoreceptors for treatment of blinding retinal disease

  10. SAFER  

    1st Apr 2024 - 31st Mar 2029

    Safeguarding Female Fertility -development of human-relevant in vitro tools for reproductive toxicity

    Associated cell lines:
  11. CentroFun  

    1st Jan 2024 - 31st Dec 2028

    Sequence-structure-function: uncovering how genetic variation at human centromere drives cellular phenotypes
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  12. ChromaDYN  

    1st Jan 2024 - 31st Dec 2028

    Epigenetic regulation of early human development
    Associated cell lines:
  13. MERLON  

    1st Jan 2024 - 31st Dec 2028

    Merging scientific Evidence with Regulatory practices and Leveraging identification Of endocrine disruptors using New approach methodologies
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  14. RADIALIS  

    1st Jan 2024 - 31st Dec 2028

    Illuminating radial genome organization in the nucleus

    Associated cell lines:
  15. SingleMS  

    1st Jan 2024 - 31st Dec 2028

    Unveiling the functional outcome of single nucleotide polymorphisms and variants in oligodendroglia in multiple sclerosis

  16. ChroMeta  

    1st Dec 2023 - 30th Nov 2028

    Unravelling specificity of epi-metabolic regulation in mouse development
  17. SENCE  

    1st Nov 2023 - 31st Oct 2028

    Signaling decoded in enhancer states – a molecular basis for plasticity in development and differentiation

  18. SARCOMAkids  

    1st Sep 2023 - 31st Aug 2028

    Developmentally programmed pediatric sarcomas: a versatile platform for drug discovery and molecular precision medicine
    Associated cell lines:
  19. PHOENIX  

    1st Apr 2023 - 31st Mar 2028

    Paving the way for High-throughput Organoid ENgineering using Integrated acoustiX

    1st Mar 2023 - 29th Feb 2028

    Translational specialization of cellular identity in embryonic development and disease
  21. HSC-reNEW  

    1st Mar 2023 - 29th Feb 2028

    Dissecting the molecular regulation of hematopoietic stem cell emergence using pluripotent stem cells to improve ex vivo therapies

  22. NeuFRO  

    1st Jan 2023 - 31st Dec 2027

    Inducing functionality in retinal organoids with electrical activities derived from developing retina,postext,scientific-staff,a_id,3128.html

    1st Jan 2023 - 31st Dec 2027

    Enhancing endogenous regenerative response in mammals by redeploying Cranial Neural Crest Cells pluripotency developmental programs and positional identity remodeling
    Associated cell lines:
  24. TAaGC  

    1st Jan 2022 - 31st Dec 2027

    Transcriptional Adaptation and Genetic Compensation
    Associated cell lines:
  25. IsletGPCR  

    1st Dec 2022 - 30th Nov 2027

    Linking GPCR organization states with functional heterogeneity in the pancreatic islet
    Associated cell lines:
  26. DISSECT-HF  

    1st Nov 2022 - 1st Nov 2027

    Dynamic engineered heart tissue to study inter-individual susceptibily and improve treatment of Heart Failure

    Associated cell lines:
  27. SUMO  

    1st Nov 2022 - 31st Oct 2027

    Supervised Morphogenesis in Gastruloids
  28. ExoDevo  

    1st Oct 2022 - 30th Sep 2027

    Extracellular vesicle-mediated cross-talk during human brain development and disease
  29. SecretAutism  

    1st Oct 2022 - 30th Sep 2027

    Toward an understanding of the brain interstitial system and the extracellular proteome in health and autism spectrum disorders
    Associated cell lines:
  30. DynaDiff  

    1st Sep 2022 - 31st Aug 2027

    Elucidating the interplay between nuclear compartments and transcriptional dynamics during differentiation in human embryonic stem cells
    Associated cell lines:
  31. E-VarEndo  

    1st Sep 2022 - 31st Aug 2027

    Metastable Epiallele: Role of Epigenetic Variability for the Development of Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Sep 2022 - 31st Aug 2027

    Stem and niche cell dynamics in normal and pathological conditions

    Associated cell lines:
  33. TargMacropin  

    1st Sep 2022 - 31st Aug 2027

    Targeting macropinocytosis in glioblastoma to achieve precision medicine

    Associated cell lines:
  34. XenoMicrogliaAD  

    1st Sep 2022 - 31st Aug 2027

    Deciphering the microglia-neuron interactions in human Alzheimer’s disease


    20th Jun 2022 - 19th Jun 2027

    Impact of tissue morphology on pluripotent stem cell identity and fate
  36. environMENTAL  

    15th Jun 2022 - 15th Jun 2027

    Reducing the impact of major environmental challenges on mental health

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Apr 2022 - 31st Mar 2027

    Deciphering the role of C2H2 zinc finger transcription factors during primate neocortex development and evolution

  38. STEM-PD  

    1st Dec 2022 - 31st Jan 2027

    STEM-PD trial: A multicentre, single arm, first in human, dose-escalation trial, investigating the safety and tolerability of intraputamenal transplantation of human embryonic stem cell derived dopaminergic cells for Parkinson’s disease (STEM-PD product)
    Associated cell lines:
  39. BLASTOID  

    4th Jan 2021 - 4th Jan 2027

    Human blastoids: A discovery platform for early human embryogenesis
  40. TempoReg  

    1st Jun 2022 - 31st Dec 2026

    Molecular and metabolic pathways controlling developmental timing.
  41. Cor-edit-P  

    1st Jan 2022 - 31st Dec 2026

    Cardiac open reading frame edition to study cardiomyopathies in pigs

  42. SWEEPICS  

    1st Dec 2023 - 30th Nov 2026

    Swept lasers for non-invasive diagnostics
    Associated cell lines:
  43. PD-GUT  

    1st Dec 2021 - 30th Nov 2026

    Parkinson's disease: does it all start with gut inflammation?

  44. Immune-organoids  

    19th Jun 2024 - 31st Oct 2026

    Engineering Immune Organoids to Study Pediatric Cancer

  45. XCYCLE  

    1st Nov 2021 - 31st Oct 2026

    Toward a comprehensive analysis of the dynamics and mechanisms of X chromosome inactivation in Humans

    Associated cell lines:
  46. CellDecide  

    2nd Oct 2023 - 31st Aug 2026

    Cell signalling pathways governing lineage decisions of human naive pluripotent stem cells

  47. CRB1  

    1st Sep 2023 - 31st Aug 2026

  48. NESTOR  

    1st Sep 2023 - 31st Aug 2026


    Associated cell lines:

    1st Sep 2022 - 31st Aug 2026

  50. 4DPrintedHeart  

    1st Jul 2021 - 30th Jun 2026

    4D Printing of Human Vascularized Cardiac Patches and Hearts for Regenerative Medicine

    Associated cell lines:
  51. GPSorganoids  

    1st Jul 2021 - 30th Jun 2026

    Generation of position specific organoids to study human neuromuscular system development and disease
  52. oxDOPAMINE  

    1st Jul 2021 - 30th Jun 2026

    Unraveling the mystery of preferential degeneration of midbrain neurons in neurodegenerative diseases

    Associated cell lines:
  53. hyperQ  

    1st Jul 2020 - 30th Jun 2026

    Quantum hyperpolarisation for ultrasensitive nuclear magnetic resonance and imaging
    Associated cell lines:
  54. BugDrug  

    1st Jun 2021 - 1st Jun 2026

    Modulating the gut microbiome to enhance drug efficacy

  55. EGFRtoMITO  

    1st Jun 2021 - 31st May 2026

    EGFR signalling talks to mitochondria through contact sites

    Associated cell lines:
  56. Mini-HEART  

    1st Jun 2021 - 31st May 2026

    Human mini hearts: looking for culprits and victims in cardiac disease


    1st Jun 2021 - 31st May 2026

    Controlling the timing of human cortical neuron development: from upstream mechanisms to impact on circuit plasticity
    Associated cell lines:

    1st May 2021 - 30th Apr 2026

    Quantitative Investigation of Interspecies Differences in Developmental Tempo
    Associated cell lines:
  59. ENSEMBLE  

    1st May 2021 - 30th Apr 2026

    Structure and functions of the brain extracellular space

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Apr 2021 - 31st Mar 2026

    Optical imaging of retinal function for gene and cell therapies

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Apr 2021 - 31st Mar 2026

    Photomechanical writing of cell functions
    Associated cell lines:
  62. Balder  

    15th Feb 2021 - 14th Feb 2026

    Bioactive peptides from human brown fat cells mediating metabolic control

    Associated cell lines:
  63. DPPAcommit  

    1st Jan 2021 - 31st Dec 2025

    Role of DPPA2 and 4 in chromatin bivalency and multi-lineage commitment

  64. EpiCellLineage  

    1st Jan 2021 - 31st Dec 2025

  65. Neuroprime  

    1st Jan 2021 - 31st Dec 2025

    Priming of neuroectoderm enhancers in human embryonic stem cells

  66. SynapseBuild  

    1st Jan 2021 - 31st Dec 2025

    Mechanisms of Presynaptic Biogenesis and Dynamic Remodeling
    Associated cell lines:
  67. iPSC2Therapy  

    1st Jan 2020 - 31st Dec 2025

    From iPSC-Macrophage Biology Towards Regenerative Therapies Targeting Respiratory Infections

  68. OpenMIND  

    1st Nov 2022 - 31st Oct 2025

    Opto-Electronic Neural Connectoid Model Implemented for Neurodegenerative Disease

  69. i-SignalTrace  

    1st Nov 2022 - 30th Oct 2025

    Deciphering signalling pathway dynamics during cell-fate commitment in stem cells
  70. NeuroCentro  

    1st Oct 2020 - 30th Sep 2025

    Novel mechanisms of neurogenesis - from centrosome to engineering migration

    Associated cell lines:
  71. SYNBIO.ECM  

    1st Oct 2020 - 30th Sep 2025

    Designer extracellular matrices to program healthy and diseased cardiac morphogenesis

    Associated cell lines:
  72. NADIS  

    1st Sep 2022 - 31st Aug 2025

    NAD+ International Scientist-training


    1st Sep 2020 - 31st Aug 2025

    Reverse Scale-Crossing Effects In Biology

  74. PreciseCellPD  

    1st Sep 2020 - 31st Aug 2025


  75. ROMB  

    1st Sep 2020 - 31st Aug 2025

    Retina Organoid Mechanobiology
    Associated cell lines:
  76. GALOMOD  

    1st Feb 2024 - 31st Jul 2025

    Gamma-secretase allosteric modulation as preventive therapy in Alzheimer’s Disease
    Associated cell lines:
  77. DISCOVER  

    1st Jul 2022 - 30th Jun 2025

    Identifying and investigating the role of ribosome heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer

  78. ENGINORG  

    1st Jun 2021 - 30th May 2025

    Engineering kidney organoids to study the interplay between Tissue Mechanics and Metabolism: from development to disease
    Associated cell lines:
  79. 4-DBR  

    1st May 2022 - 30th Apr 2025

    4-Deep Brain Reconstruction

  80. ExpoBiome  

    1st May 2020 - 30th Apr 2025

    Deciphering the impact of exposures from the the gut microbiome-derived molecular complex in human health and disease

  81. SupraCTRL  

    1st Apr 2020 - 1st Apr 2025

    From mechanical control to shape-shifting in supramolecular biomaterials to guide stem cell fate

    Associated cell lines:
  82. POST-IT  

    1st May 2020 - 31st Mar 2025

    Pathogen Oriented SNARE Trafficking for Immune Tailoring
    Associated cell lines:
  83. ISLET

    1st Mar 2020 - 1st Mar 2025


  84. Bac2MUC  

    2nd Mar 2020 - 28th Feb 2025

    Bacteria-mucin interactions – Shaping intestinal epithelial responses in health and disease


    1st Mar 2020 - 28th Feb 2025

    Resilience and Trigger Factors in Cardiac Arrhythmia: Risk Stratification and Drug Design
  86. RPEforRegeneration  

    1st Jan 2022 - 31st Dec 2024

    Investigating the regenerative and proliferative competencies of human retinal pigment epithelial cells

  87. BRAV∃  

    1st Jan 2020 - 31st Dec 2024

    Computational biomechanics and bioengineering 3D printing to develop a personalized regenerative biological ventricular assist device to provide lasting functional support to damaged hearts
  88. MechaChem  

    2nd Nov 2022 - 3rd Nov 2024

    Mechanochemical feedbacks between physical forces and morphogen signaling during hESC self-organization
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Nov 2021 - 1st Nov 2024

    A Gene Therapy for Resynchronization of Cardiac Conduction in Pacing-Induced Cardiomyopathy

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Nov 2019 - 31st Oct 2024

    Plasticity of the Pluripotency Network
  91. SYMPLANT  

    1st Apr 2023 - 30th Sep 2024

    Synthetic Neural Implant
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Oct 2021 - 30th Sep 2024

    Novel brain-on-chip model to revolutionize drug development for neurological disorders

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Oct 2019 - 30th Sep 2024

    Genetics to understand cellular components of Alzheimer Disease pathogenesis
    Associated cell lines:
  94. makingtheretina  

    1st Oct 2019 - 30th Sep 2024

    Principles of retinal neuronal lamination from zebrafish to humans
    Associated cell lines:
  95. RNPdynamics  

    22nd Sep 2019 - 21st Sep 2024

    Multivalent interactions driving RNP dynamics in development and disease
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Sep 2023 - 1st Sep 2024

    Supramolecular microcapsules for bioreactor culture of pluripotent stem cells

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Sep 2022 - 31st Aug 2024

    A stem cell-based approach for modelling in vitro implantation

  98. MAD-CoV 2  

    1st Aug 2020 - 31st Jul 2024

    Modern approaches for developing antivirals against SARS-CoV 2
    Associated cell lines:
  99. SCN1A-UP!  

    1st Jun 2021 - 31st May 2024

    Therapeutic strategies for Dravet syndrome: upregulation of endogenous SCN1A and modulation of pathological remodeling


    1st Nov 2022 - 30th Apr 2024

    Human blastoids: A drug discovery platform for women’s reproductive health
  101. FUNKIDS  

    1st Apr 2021 - 31st Mar 2024

    Engineering functional human kidneys and urinary tracts
    Associated cell lines:
  102. EpiDA  

    1st Oct 2020 - 1st Mar 2024

    Epigenetic drug action

    Associated cell lines:
  103. RescuePace  

    1st Aug 2022 - 31st Jan 2024

    Rescue Pacing for Congenital Complete Heart Block

    Associated cell lines:
  104. mitoUPR  

    1st Feb 2020 - 31st Jan 2024

    Cellular modulation by the mitochondrial unfolded protein response
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Jan 2019 - 1st Jan 2024

    Great ape organoids to reconstruct uniquely human development
  106. FDHPIi001-C  

    1st Sep 2021 - 31st Dec 2023

    Generation of an induced pluripotent stem cell line FDHPIi001-C from a female patient with WDR45-related neurodegeneration disease carrying non-canonical splice site c.344+5G>T

  107. NSC-Reconstruct  

    1st Jan 2020 - 31st Dec 2023

    Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction
  108. CuRE  

    1st Jan 2019 - 31st Dec 2023

    Cardiac REgeneration from within

    Associated cell lines:
  109. iPSpine  

    1st Jan 2019 - 31st Dec 2023

    Induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapy for spinal regeneration
    Associated cell lines:
  110. SCREENED  

    1st Jan 2019 - 31st Dec 2023

    A multistage model of thyroid gland function for screening endocrine-disrupting chemicals in a biologically sex-specific manner

  111. TransTempoFold  

    1st Jan 2019 - 31st Dec 2023

    A need for speed: mechanisms to coordinate protein synthesis and folding in metazoans

  112. BloodVariome  

    1st Jan 2018 - 31st Dec 2023

    Genetic variation exposes regulators of blood cell formation in vivo in humans

    Associated cell lines:
  113. ENVISION  

    1st Dec 2018 - 30th Nov 2023

    Novel mechanisms of early defense against virus infections
    Associated cell lines:
  114. NEUcrest  

    1st Nov 2019 - 31st Oct 2023

    Training European Experts in Multiscale Studies of Neural Crest Development and Disorders: from Patient to Model Systems and Back again
  115. DecodeDiabetes  

    1st Nov 2018 - 31st Oct 2023

    Expanding the genetic etiological and diagnostic spectrum of monogenic diabetes mellitus
    Associated cell lines:
  116. HeartPace  

    1st Nov 2020 - 30th Oct 2023

    HeartPace: Engineering the first biological Pacemaker for bradycardia patients

    Associated cell lines:
  117. RODRESET  

    30th Sep 2019 - 30th Sep 2023

    Development of novel optogenetic approaches for improving vision in macular degeneration
    Associated cell lines:
  118. Bioscale  

    1st Sep 2020 - 31st Aug 2023

    SCINUS: A novel BIOreactor for SCAlablE universal cell therapy manufacturing

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Jan 2018 - 30th Jun 2023

    Reconstructing human cortex development and malformation with single-cell transcriptomics

  120. HISTOID  

    1st Jun 2018 - 31st May 2023

    A Human iPS Cell-Derived Artificial Skeletal Muscle for Regenerative Medicine, Disease Modelling and Drug Screening
  121. MicroAdiPSChip  

    1st Jun 2018 - 31st May 2023

    Micro-Fat Tissue on Chip

  122. Print and Grow  

    1st Oct 2022 - 30th Apr 2023

    A novel support material for 3D bioprinting and post-printing tissue growth: "Print and Grow"
    Associated cell lines:
  123. NICE  

    1st May 2021 - 30th Apr 2023

    RNA NanopartIcles for Cardiac rEgeneration

    Associated cell lines:
  124. HD-DittoGraph  

    1st Mar 2018 - 28th Feb 2023

    HD-DittoGraph: a digital human Embryonic Stem Cell platform for Huntington’s repeats
  125. iPS-derived MIcroglia and Neuroinflammation in Dementia (iMIND)

    20th Feb 2020 - 19th Feb 2023

    iPS-derived MIcroglia and Neuroinflammation in Dementia (iMIND)

  126. PACE  

    1st Jan 2020 - 1st Jan 2023

    Transcriptional targeting of pacemaker and conduction system gene therapy

    Associated cell lines:
  127. WWOXAID  

    1st Jan 2020 - 1st Jan 2023

    A promising Treatment of WWOX Associated Neurological Disorders

  128. TREAT-PD  

    1st Jan 2018 - 31st Dec 2022

    Patient-specific treatment for Parkinson’s disease using reprogrammed skin cells
    Associated cell lines:
  129. 5D Heart Patch  

    1st Dec 2017 - 30th Nov 2022

    A Functional, Mature In vivo Human Ventricular Muscle Patch for Cardiomyopathy

  130. HybridRetina  

    1st Nov 2017 - 1st Nov 2022

    Hybrid Retinal Prosthesis: High-Resolution Electrodes Array Integrated with Neurons for Restoration of Sight

    Associated cell lines:
  131. CellKarma  

    1st Dec 2017 - 31st Oct 2022

    Dissecting the regulatory logic of cell fate reprogramming through integrative and single cell genomics

  132. New-Chol  

    1st Nov 2017 - 31st Oct 2022

    Development of New therapies against Cholangiopathies


    1st Mar 2017 - 31st Oct 2022

    Microglia action towards neuronal circuit formation and function in health and disease
  134. Brain organoids, 7q11.23 CNVs and AMHs  

    1st Oct 2018 - 3rd Oct 2022

    A functional dissection of the genetic circuits selected in Anatomically Modern Humans and inferred from the study of neurodevelopmental disorders
    Associated cell lines:
  135. CerebralHominoids  

    1st Oct 2017 - 1st Oct 2022

    Evolutionary biology of human and great ape brain development in cerebral organoids
  136. iPhotorecerptors  

    1st Apr 2021 - 30th Sep 2022

    Inducible Human Photoreceptors for Research, Development and Therapy to Prevent Blindness
    Associated cell lines:
  137. NDD, organoids, disease modelling  

    1st Oct 2018 - 30th Sep 2022

    Patient-derived disease modeling as a tool to uncover the molecular pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs)
  138. EPiR  

    1st Oct 2017 - 30th Sep 2022

    The Chemical Basis of RNA Epigenetics

    Associated cell lines:
  139. GenEdiDS  

    1st Oct 2017 - 30th Sep 2022

    Rescuing Cognitive Deficits in Neurodevelopmental Disorders by Gene Editing in Brain Development: the case of Down syndrome

    1st Oct 2017 - 30th Sep 2022

    The molecular and cellular logic of vertebrate neural development
  141. MetEpiStem  

    1st Oct 2017 - 30th Sep 2022

    Dissecting the crosstalk between metabolism and transcriptional regulation in pluripotent stem cells.

    Associated cell lines:
  142. GHRH neurons  

    1st Sep 2020 - 31st Aug 2022

    Generating growth hormone-releasing hormone neurons from human embryonic stem cells

    Associated cell lines:
  143. JS_SCZ  

    1st Sep 2020 - 31st Aug 2022

    Investigating impact of schizophrenia associated non-coding variants using brain organoids

    Associated cell lines:
  144. PhenoConnectomics  

    1st Sep 2020 - 31st Aug 2022

    Pheno-connectomics of human neurodevelopmental diseases

    Associated cell lines:
  145. LinPro  

    1st Sep 2017 - 31st Aug 2022

    Principles of Neural Stem Cell Lineage Progression in Cerebral Cortex Development

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Sep 2017 - 31st Aug 2022

    Probing the Reversibility of Autism Spectrum Disorders by Employing in vivo and in vitro Models
    Associated cell lines:
  147. TYPHI  

    1st Sep 2017 - 31st Aug 2022

    From typhoid fever to antimicrobial mechanisms

    Associated cell lines:
  148. HumanNeuronScreen  

    1st Jan 2021 - 1st Jul 2022

    Drug discovery using human neurons

    Associated cell lines:
  149. TROJAN  

    1st Jan 2021 - 30th Jun 2022

    Riding a `Trojan horse` against cancer
    Associated cell lines:
  150. Sty_patpot  

    1st Jun 2020 - 31st May 2022

    Typhi pathogenic potential

    Associated cell lines:
  151. AlveoDiff  

    1st May 2020 - 1st May 2022

    2D- and 3D-differentiation of alveolar epithelial cells from hiPSCs

  152. GHSO  

    1st May 2019 - 30th Apr 2022

    Generation of human steroid-producing organoids: a new approach to treat adrenal insufficiency

    Associated cell lines:
  153. IDRE  

    1st May 2017 - 30th Apr 2022

    Impact of DNA Replication on Epigenetics

    Associated cell lines:
  154. MINERVA  

    1st May 2017 - 30th Apr 2022

    MIcrobiota-Gut-BraiN EngineeRed platform to eVAluate intestinal microflora impact on brain functionality

  155. FTD-Organoids  

    1st Apr 2020 - 31st Mar 2022

    Disease modelling of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) in cerebral organoids

    Associated cell lines:
  156. LAMININ  

    1st Apr 2020 - 31st Mar 2022

    Light-switchable proteins and Adhesion Micropatterns to Illuminate the Navigation machInery of Neurons
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Apr 2017 - 31st Mar 2022

    Repair of Junctional Atrioventricular Conduction and Impulse Formation

    Associated cell lines:
  158. STOP-HF  

    1st Mar 2017 - 1st Mar 2022

  159. CellNaivety  

    1st Feb 2017 - 31st Jan 2022

    Deciphering the Molecular Foundations and Functional Competence of Alternative Human Naïve Pluripotent Stem Cells
  160. SC-EpiCode  

    1st Jan 2017 - 1st Jan 2022

    Decoding the Epigenomic Regulatory Code by the Use of Single Cell Technologies
    Associated cell lines:
  161. BRAINTIME  

    1st Jan 2020 - 31st Dec 2021

    Associated cell lines:
  162. Mini Brains  

    1st Jan 2017 - 31st Dec 2021

    Cerebral organoids: human mini brains in a dish open up new possibilities for drug development in neurodegenerative and developmental diseases

    Associated cell lines:
  163. MiniBrain  

    1st Jan 2017 - 31st Dec 2021

    Cerebral Organoids: Using stem cell derived 3D cultures to understand human brain development and neurological disorders

    Associated cell lines:
  164. SCP-hES  

    1st Jan 2017 - 31st Dec 2021

    Mechanisms of spinal cord plasticity studied with hES cells

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Nov 2016 - 31st Oct 2021

    Mapping the retrotransposon-mediated layer of neuronal gene regulation in the human genome
    Associated cell lines:

    2nd Nov 2020 - 29th Oct 2021

    A Soft Bioelectric Implant from Droplet Networks
    Associated cell lines:
  167. MODIA  

    1st Sep 2018 - 1st Aug 2021

    Modeling diabetes with pluripotent stemcells

  168. TRANSPOS-X  

    3rd Jul 2016 - 2nd Jul 2021

    Transposable elements, their controllers and the genesis of human-specific transcriptional networks
  169. DEFEND - M2  

    1st Jan 2021 - 30th Jun 2021

    Dietary shaping of the early life metabolome and its role in healthy lung and brain development - model 2
  170. HD-Neu-Screen  

    1st Jan 2020 - 30th Jun 2021

    HD-MEA-based Neuronal Assays and Network Analysis for Phenotypic Drug Screenings

    Associated cell lines:
  171. GERMINOID  

    1st Jun 2019 - 31st May 2021

    Development of human primordial germ cells towards the onset of sperm and egg differentiation in a novel model culture system

    Associated cell lines:
  172. MADMpancreas  

    1st Jun 2019 - 31st May 2021

    Using the precision mouse genetic tool MADM to elucidate the role of paracrine signaling in beta cell differentiation and pancreatic morphogenesis

    Associated cell lines:
  173. mAMBo  

    1st Apr 2019 - 31st Mar 2021

    The role of ASCL1 and MYCN in human brain development

    Associated cell lines:
  174. PhaseAge-iPSC  

    1st Apr 2017 - 31st Mar 2021

    Using genetically engineered iPSCs to model ALS
    Associated cell lines:
  175. StemProteostasis  

    1st Mar 2016 - 28th Feb 2021

    Mediation of stem cell identity and aging by proteostasis
  176. EPIROSE  

    1st Jan 2016 - 31st Dec 2020

    Self-Organising Capacity of Stem Cells during Implantation and Early Post-Implantation Development: Implications for Human Development
    Associated cell lines:
  177. RobustSynapses  

    1st Jan 2016 - 31st Dec 2020

    Maintaining synaptic function for a healthy brain: Membrane trafficking and autophagy in neurodegeneration
    Associated cell lines:
  178. StemBAT  

    1st Jan 2016 - 31st Dec 2020

    New players in human BAT differentiation and activation: a human PSC-derived BAT approach combined with state of the art genome engineering and –omics based methodologies

    Associated cell lines:
  179. Induced pluripotent stem cell line from a mouse model of human azoospermia with a frameshift mutation TEX11_1260Ins(TT)

    1st Jun 2020 - 30th Nov 2020

    Induced pluripotent stem cell line from a mouse model of human azoospermia with a frameshift mutation TEX11_1260Ins(TT)

  180. EP-IPSCs  

    1st Feb 2017 - 30th Nov 2020

    Neuronal model of genetic focal epilepsy

  181. Training4CRM  

    1st Nov 2016 - 31st Oct 2020

    European Training Network for Cell-based Regenerative Medicine

  182. REGMAMKID  

    1st Nov 2015 - 31st Oct 2020

    How to regenerate the mammalian kidney
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Nov 2015 - 31st Oct 2020

    Stem Cells for Cardiac Arrhythmia Risk Assessment

  184. -  

    16th Sep 2017 - 15th Sep 2020

    Targeting intermediate mesoderm in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs): identification of novel non coding RNAs driving kidney development and regeneration

    1st Sep 2015 - 1st Sep 2020

    Associated cell lines:
  186. CorExpan  

    1st Sep 2018 - 31st Aug 2020

    Role of neural stem cell behavior in neocortical expansion across species

    Associated cell lines:
  187. FAKIR  

    1st Aug 2015 - 31st Jul 2020

    Focal Adhesions Kinetics In Nanosurface Recognition

    Associated cell lines:

    1st May 2018 - 30th Apr 2020

    NIPBL and Integrator function and dysfunction in cortical development

    Associated cell lines:
  189. hiPSC-RELENT  

    1st Nov 2015 - 30th Apr 2020

    hiPSC for Relapse Prevention in Chronic Autoimmunity
  190. EpiBarrier  

    1st Apr 2018 - 31st Mar 2020

    Control of the blood-brain barrier integrity during seizures via the ATP-gated P2X7 receptor

    Associated cell lines:
  191. Huntingtin hPSC  

    1st Apr 2018 - 31st Mar 2020

    Unraveling huntingtin function in cortical and striatal human development
    Associated cell lines:
  192. ADAPTED  

    3rd Oct 2016 - 31st Mar 2020

    Alzheimer's Disease Apolipoprotein Pathology for Treatment Elucidation and Development
  193. CeMoLy  

    1st May 2016 - 31st Jan 2020

    Modelos celulares para o estudo de mecanismos de disfunção e correção lisossomal
    Associated cell lines:
  194. TE-ENHANCERs  

    1st Jan 2016 - 31st Dec 2019

    Deciphering the roles of transposable elements in 3D genome architecture and gene expression
    Associated cell lines:
  195. DENOVOHSC  

    1st Jan 2015 - 31st Dec 2019

    Blood regeneration: de novo development of human hematopoietic stem cells

    1st Dec 2015 - 30th Nov 2019

    Modeling and treating retinal dgenerative disease
    Associated cell lines:
  197. Schizophrenia Organoids  

    1st Sep 2017 - 1st Sep 2019

    Understanding the role of parvalbumin interneuron development in schizophrenia using human cerebral organoids

    Associated cell lines:

    1st Sep 2017 - 1st Sep 2019

    Role of spindle orientation in human brain development

    Associated cell lines:
  199. IndivuHeart  

    1st Jun 2014 - 31st May 2019

    Individualized Early Risk Assessment for Heart Diseases
  200. MASTFAST  

    1st Sep 2017 - 28th Feb 2019

    Rapid Production of Human Mast Cells
  201. BeyOND  

    1st Feb 2014 - 31st Jan 2019

    Metabolic basis of neurodegenerative disease
    Associated cell lines:
  202. BATCure  

    1st Jan 2016 - 31st Dec 2018

    Developing new therapies for Batten disease

    Associated cell lines:
  203. EVERREST  

    1st Jan 2013 - 31st Dec 2018

    Does vascular endothelial growth factor gene therapy safely improve outcome in severe early-onset fetal growth restriction?

    1st Nov 2013 - 31st Oct 2018

    Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: the new heart patient?
  205. STEMRD  

    1st Nov 2013 - 31st Oct 2018

    Generation of stem cell derived photoreceptors for the treatment and modelling of retinal degeneration
  206. CAiPSC  

    1st Sep 2016 - 31st Aug 2018

    Determining centromere assembly mechanisms and improving mitotic fidelity during somatic cell reprogramming
    Associated cell lines:
  207. scientia fellows2016  

    1st Sep 2016 - 31st Aug 2018

    DNMT3A and DNMT3B targeted mutations in hESC - interplay between non-coding RNAs and DNA methylation during human hematopoiesis
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Sep 2013 - 31st Aug 2018

    The role of CpG island RNAs and Polycomb-RNA interactions in developmental gene regulation
  209. Cellphmed  

    1st Feb 2017 - 1st Jul 2018

    Accurate cell signatures for the advancement of personalized medicine
    Associated cell lines:
  210. PD-HUMMODEL  

    1st Jul 2013 - 30th Jun 2018

    Elucidating early pathogenic mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease through a humanized dynamic in vitro model
    Associated cell lines:
  211. MwHresEP  

    1st Jun 2017 - 31st May 2018

    Multi-well High-resolution Electrophysiology Platform

    Associated cell lines:
  212. EHT-CaMKII  

    1st Apr 2016 - 31st Mar 2018

    CaMKII over stimulation in engineered heart tissues (EHTs) made from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs): a parameter involved in the immaturity of hiPSC EHTs cardiomyocytes?

    Associated cell lines:
  213. PLURIMES  

    1st Feb 2014 - 31st Jan 2018

    Pluripotent stem cell resources for mesodermal medicine
  214. HUMEN  

    1st Jan 2014 - 31st Dec 2017

    Upscaling human insulin-producing beta cell production by efficient differentiation and expansion of endoderm progenitors

    1st Jan 2014 - 31st Dec 2017

    European stem cell consortium for neural cell replacement, reprogramming and functional brain repair

    1st Jan 2013 - 31st Dec 2017

    Impact of stress-induced transposon activities on human disease
  217. FORMAT  

    1st Dec 2016 - 30th Nov 2017

    A novel medium for revolutionizing stem cell manufacturing technologies
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Dec 2012 - 30th Nov 2017

    Reprogramming cell identity to develop new therapies against Inherited Metabolic Disorders of the liver

    1st Dec 2012 - 30th Nov 2017

    Dissecting the gene regulatory mechanisms that generate serotonergic neurons and their link to mental disorders
  220. OTOSTEM  

    1st Nov 2013 - 31st Oct 2017

    Human stem cell applications for the treatment of hearing loss
  221. REPAIR HD  

    1st Oct 2013 - 30th Sep 2017

    Human pluripotent stem cell differentiation, safety and preparation for therapeutic transplantation in Huntington's disease
    Associated cell lines:
  222. THYMISTEM  

    1st Oct 2013 - 30th Sep 2017

    Development of Stem Cell Based Therapy for Thymic Regeneration
  223. Scientia Fellows  

    1st Sep 2015 - 31st Aug 2017

    The role of small non-coding RNAs during early mesoderm and hematopoietic differentiation
    Associated cell lines:
  224. aNtHESIS  

    1st Jan 2016 - 30th Jun 2017

    Novel heart regeneration strategies

    Associated cell lines:
  225. IDEA  

    1st Mar 2012 - 28th Feb 2017

    Identification, homing and monitoring of therapeutic cells for regenerative medicine – Identify, Enrich, Accelerate
  226. DROPTECH  

    1st Feb 2014 - 31st Jan 2017

    Hanging Drop based automated and parallelized cell technology platform for production and testing
  227. EBiSC  

    1st Jan 2014 - 31st Dec 2016

    European bank of induced pluripotent stem cells
  228. HipSci  

    1st Jan 2013 - 31st Dec 2016

  229. 4D-CellFate  

    1st Dec 2011 - 30th Nov 2016

    Developing a global understanding of the PRC and NuRD complexes in stem cell differentiation, in health and disease
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Oct 2013 - 30th Sep 2016

    Exploitation of genomic variants affecting coronary artery disease and stroke risk for therapeutic intervention
  231. OSTEOGROW  

    1st Jan 2012 - 30th Jun 2016

    Novel Bone Morphogenetic Protein-6 Biocompatible Carrier Device for Bone Regeneration
  232. HESUB  

    1st May 2013 - 30th Apr 2016

    High Efficient, Single-Use-Bioreactor simulating mammalian tissue conditions for expression and proliferation
    Associated cell lines:
  233. BLUEPRINT  

    1st Oct 2011 - 31st Mar 2016

    A BLUEPRINT of Haematopoietic Epigenomes
  234. DDPDGENES  

    1st Jan 2012 - 31st Dec 2015

    Identification of genes important for human midbrain dopamine neuron development and Parkinson's disease
  235. TISSUEGEN  

    1st Jan 2012 - 31st Dec 2015

    The production of a 3D human tissue disease platform to enable regenerative medicine therapy development
  236. DETECTIVE  

    1st Jan 2011 - 31st Dec 2015

    Detection of endpoints and biomarkers of repeated dose toxicity using in vitro systems
  237. SCR&TOX  

    1st Jan 2011 - 31st Dec 2015

    Stem Cells for Relevant Efficient Extended and Normalized Toxicology
  238. TOXBANK  

    1st Jan 2011 - 31st Dec 2015

    ToxBank ? Supporting Integrated Data Analysis and Servicing of Alternative Testing Methods in Toxicology
  239. NeuroGraft  

    1st Dec 2012 - 30th Nov 2015

    Development of Functionalised Cell Seeded Bioartificial Organ for Transplantation in Nerve Repair
  240. EPIHEALTH  

    1st Nov 2011 - 31st Oct 2015

    Linking perturbed maternal environment during periconceptional development, due to diabetes, obesity or assisted reproductive technologies, and altered health during ageing
  241. EPIPGX  

    1st Nov 2011 - 31st Oct 2015

    Epilepsy Pharmacogenomics: delivering biomarkers for clinical use
  242. AP-1-FUN  

    1st Nov 2009 - 31st Oct 2015

    AP-1 (Fos/Jun) Functions in Physiology and Disease
  243. BETABAT  

    1st Oct 2011 - 30th Sep 2015

    Development of novel treatment strategies based on knowledge of cellular dysfunction in diabetes
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Oct 2010 - 30th Sep 2015

    Epigenetics towards systems biology
  245. AFHELO  

    1st Sep 2012 - 31st Aug 2015

    Preclinical proof of concept of AF243 potency to preventand/or treat sensorineural hearing loss

    1st Sep 2012 - 31st Aug 2015

    A new nanotechnology-based paradigm for engineering vascularised liver tissue for transplantation
  247. AMBULUNG  

    1st Jul 2012 - 30th Jun 2015

    Ambulatory Bio-Artificial Lung

    1st Mar 2010 - 28th Feb 2015

    European Consortium for Communicating Stem Cell Research

    1st Jan 2010 - 31st Dec 2014

    Beta Cell Therapy in Diabetes
  250. MASC  

    1st Jan 2010 - 31st Dec 2014

    Materials that Impose Architecture within Stem Cell Populations
    Associated cell lines:
  251. INNOVALIV  

    1st Dec 2011 - 30th Nov 2014

    Innovative strategies to generate human hepatocytes for treatment of metabolic Liver diseases: Tools for personalized cell therapy
    Associated cell lines:
  252. NCRNAX  

    1st Apr 2009 - 31st Mar 2014

    Regulation and function of non-coding RNAs in epigenetic processes: the paradigm of X-chromosome inactivation
  253. ESNATS  

    1st Apr 2008 - 30th Sep 2013

    Embryonic stem cell-based novel alternative testing strategies
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Dec 2008 - 31st May 2013

    European Consortium for Stem Cell Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases
  255. BRAINCAV  

    1st Oct 2008 - 31st Mar 2013

    Nonhuman adenovirus vectors for gene transfer to the brain

    1st Jul 2009 - 31st Dec 2012

    Biochemically Equivalent Substitutive Technology for Stem Cells

    1st May 2009 - 31st Oct 2012

    Development of cardiomyocyte replacement strategy for the clinic
  258. NEUROPRO  

    1st Oct 2008 - 30th Sep 2012

    Oligopeptidase inhibitors in brain function and dysfunction: towards new therapeutic strategies for neuroprotection
  259. HYPERLAB  

    1st Sep 2009 - 31st Aug 2012

    High yield and performance stem cell lab
    Associated cell lines:
  260. PregVax  

    1st Mar 2008 - 31st Aug 2012

    Plasmodium vivax Malaria in Pregnancy

    1st Jan 2009 - 30th Jun 2012

    Therapy after heart infarct: prevention of reperfusion injury and repair by stem cell transfer
  262. PLURISYS  

    1st Jan 2009 - 30th Jun 2012

    Systems biology approaches to understand cell pluripotency
  263. LIV-ES  

    1st Oct 2008 - 31st Mar 2012

    Development of culture conditions for the differentiation of hES cells into hepatocytes
    Associated cell lines:

    1st Jan 2008 - 31st Dec 2011

    European network for genetic-epidemiological studies: building a method to dissect complex genetic traits, using essential hypertension as a disease model

    1st Nov 2008 - 31st Oct 2011

    Stem cell expansion - expansion and engraftment of haematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells
  266. EvOoC  

    1st Sep 2023 - (unknown)

    Evolving Organs-on-Chip from developmental engineering to “mechanical re-evolution”

    Associated cell lines:
  267. HumApeHybs  

    1st Jan 2023 - (unknown)

    Human-ape hybrid iPSCs

  268. NADIS_NAD+  

    1st Nov 2022 - (unknown)

    NAD+ Training

  269. AHMUi006-A  

    1st Oct 2021 - (unknown)

    Bhola Kumar
  270. HERVH-HESC  

    1st Jun 2021 - (unknown)


    Associated cell lines:
  271. Smedler lab

    1st Jan 2021 - (unknown)

    Smedler lab
  272. MiniEmbryoBlueprint  

    1st Oct 2019 - (unknown)

    The mammalian body plan blueprint, an in vitro approach
  273. SVAAD  

    1st Feb 2019 - (unknown)

    Synaptic Vulnerability in Ageing and Alzheimer's disease

    Associated cell lines:
  274. ePANC-SPLICE  

    1st Jan 2019 - (unknown)

    Regulation and Function of Endocrine-Specific Splicing Programs in Pancreas and their Role in Diabetes
  275. MILS  

    1st Jan 2019 - (unknown)

    Maternally Inherited Leigh Syndrome

  276. NHCDR  

    1st Jan 2016 - (unknown)

    NINDS Human Cell and Data Repository
  277. PMD  

    1st Oct 2014 - (unknown)

    PMD patient-derived iPSCs and their gene corrected line for disease mechanisms

  278. iPSpine

    (unknown) - (unknown)


  279. CIRM Alzheimer's disease collection (CW13)

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    CIRM Alzheimer's disease collection (CW13)
  280. CIRM Alzheimer's disease collection (CW5)

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    CIRM Alzheimer's disease collection (CW5)
  281. CIRM Optic Nerve Hypoplasia collection (CW12)

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    CIRM Optic Nerve Hypoplasia collection (CW12)
  282. (Part of) open-TOP  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    (Part of) Validation of Open organ-on-chip Technology for End user applications

    Associated cell lines:
  283. ACQUIRE  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Assessing cardiac Contractility and Quantification of Underlying mechanisms In vitro via Response in Excitation-contraction coupling

    Associated cell lines:
  284. CBL  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Creative Biolabs
  285. DOMES  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Directed Orchestration of Microfluidic Environments for guided Selforganisation

  286. ENT1DEP  

    (unknown) - (unknown)


    Associated cell lines:
  287. Essay-Writings  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Valuable Essay Writing Tips
    Associated cell lines:
  288. FibroTarg  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Targeting kidney fibrosis in iPSC derived kidney organoids

    Associated cell lines:
  289. Genome2Cells  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Decoding animal genomes into cell types

  290. hiPSC-CRYAB  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Generation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC) Lines Derived from Three Patients Carrying the Pathogenic CRYAB (A527G) Mutation and One Non-Carrier Family Member

  291. HURET  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Mechanism of cone and ganglion cell death

    Associated cell lines:
  292. IMBA iPSC Biobank  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Induced pluripotent stem cell lines (iPSC lines) produced from skin and blood cells.

  293. MYBPC3tt  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    A human cellular model for bi-allelic MYBPC3 truncating mutation

  294. Neurovulnerability  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Molecular mechanisms underlying selective neuronal death in motor neuron diseases

  295. PKP2  

    (unknown) - (unknown)


  296. ReprOids  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Reprogramming of somatic cells into organOids: patient-centred neurodevelopmental disease modelling from nascent induced pluripotency

  297. RiboHetGB  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Identifying and investigating the role of ribosome heterogeneity in glioblastoma

    Associated cell lines:
  298. RiboModBD  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Investigating the role of ribosomal modifications on early brain development

  299. SafeFate  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Safeguarding Cell Fate by Terminal Repression during Development and Disease
    Associated cell lines:

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Mesh electrode arrays for organoid integration

    Associated cell lines:
  301. TEimplant  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    Understanding the role of transposable elements in establishing gene regulatory networks during early embryonic lineage commitment and segregation
    Associated cell lines:
  302. VUEMBL  

    (unknown) - (unknown)

    VU LSC-EMBL - Vilnius University Life Sciences Center European Molecular Biology Laboratory Partnership Institute for gene editing technologies