Synaptic Vulnerability in Ageing and Alzheimer's disease

Title Synaptic Vulnerability in Ageing and Alzheimer's disease
Acronym SVAAD
Start date 2019-02-01
End date
Sponsor Gustave Roussy
Institution University of Edinburgh

Associated cell lines

Project Description

Synapses are essential for cognition, and understanding the vulnerability of synapses to ageing and Alzheimer's disease pathology will be essential for developing therapeutic strategies. In this project, we will examine structure and function of synapses from human stem cell derived neurons. These neurons will be exposed to insults such as Alzheimer's associated pathological proteins to induce synapse dysfunction and loss. Candidate pathways will be manipulated to determine molecular mechanisms involved in synapse degeneration, and candidate therapeutics will be used to determine whether they can prevent or rescue synaptic phenotypes.