ToxBank ? Supporting Integrated Data Analysis and Servicing of Alternative Testing Methods in Toxicology

Title ToxBank ? Supporting Integrated Data Analysis and Servicing of Alternative Testing Methods in Toxicology
Start date 2011-01-01
End date 2015-12-31
Sponsor European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Project Description

ToxBank establishes a dedicated web-based warehouse for toxicity data management and modelling, a ‘gold standards’ compound database and repository of selected test compounds, and a reference resource for cells, cell lines and tissues of relevance for in vitro systemic toxicity research carried out across the FP7 HEALTH.2010.4.2.9 Alternative Testing Strategies SEURAT program. The project develops infrastructure and service functions to create a sustainable predictive toxicology support resource going beyond the lifetime of the program. The following activities will be carried out: a) Establishment of a dedicated web-based data warehouse The ToxBank Data Warehouse will establish a centralised compilation of data for systemic toxicity. Data generated under the research program and additional public data will be uploaded and integrated whenever possible into computerised models capable of predicting repeated-dose toxicity. b) Establishment of a database of test compounds The ToxBank Gold Compound Database will provide a high quality information resource servicing the selection and use of test compounds. Chemicals in this database will be supported by high-quality repeated-dose toxicity in vivo and in vitro data, property data and, whenever available, human adverse event and epidemiological data. Selected test compounds for training or validation, and standard operating procedures for data quality trol, processing and analyses will be provided. c) Establishment of a repository for the selected test compounds The ToxBank Chemical Repository will ensure the availability of test compounds to program researchers accompanied by sample preparation, handling and analytical quality trol procedures. d) Setting up of a cell and tissue banking information resource for in vitro toxicity testing ToxBank will establish a banking information resource for access to qualified cells, cell lines (including stem cells and stem cell lines) and tissues and reference materials to be used for in vitro predictive toxicology research and testing activities.