Epigenetic regulation of early human development

Title Epigenetic regulation of early human development
Acronym ChromaDYN
Website www.elsaesserlab.org
Start date 2024-01-01
End date 2028-12-31
Sponsor European Research Council - Consolidator Grant (ERC-CoG)
Institution Karolinska Institutet

Associated cell lines

Project Description

The proposed project seeks to elucidate the mechanism of PRC2 lineage restriction and totipotency capacitation in the absence of PRC2 activity using genetic and signaling perturbations, single-cell epigenome profiling methodologies and functional screens. The project will yield insights into the role of epigenetic regulators in orchestrating early embryonic development, involve characterization of mutations identified in developmental disorders and provide new strategies to direct early cell fate decisions, e.g. towards in vitro model systems for placental development.