Modulating the gut microbiome to enhance drug efficacy

Title Modulating the gut microbiome to enhance drug efficacy
Acronym BugDrug
Start date 2021-06-01
End date 2026-06-01
Sponsor European Research Council - Consolidator Grant (ERC-CoG)
Principal investigator Jingyuan Fu

Project Description

Individualized drug testing in vitro is an urgently needed tool to aid personalized medicine. Such a model should be able to trace the chemical transformations of drugs and mimic the mechanical, structural, absorptive, transport, and pharmaceutical properties of drugs along the microbe-gut-liver axis. Linked gut-on-a-chip and liver-on-a-chip systems that mimic metabolically critical physiological functions have been recognized to be more effective than static mono-organ-on-a-chip systems. The project aims to develop such a system that mimics the metabolic flow through the gut and liver by generating iPSC-derived gut-on-a-chip and liver-on-a-chip from the same individuals and study the gut/microbe-liver axis in drug metabolism.