Typhi pathogenic potential

Title Typhi pathogenic potential
Acronym Sty_patpot
Start date 2020-06-01
End date 2022-05-31
Sponsor Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA)
Institution Weizmann Institute of Science

Associated cell lines

Project Description

The identification of the pathogenic potential, that is, the genetic elements conferring virulence and how they subvert the host’s defences, is fundamental. Here we aim at developing a pooled genetic screen using CRISPR interference to produce pathogen knocked-down libraries impaired in a curated subset of virulence factors of Salmonella Typhi. This pathogen is of particular interest because of the severity of its systemic infection combined with its human host-restriction, which left research lagging behind. Among other cellular systems, organoids obtained by WISi006-A line will be used as model for S. typhi infection.