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Cell line type Human embryonic stem cell (hESC)
Last update 22nd May 2019
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Generator VIB - KU Leuven Center for Brain and Disease Research (VIBCBD)

External Databases

BioSamples SAMEA5728497
Cellosaurus CVCL_WJ42
CLO CLO_0102911
Wikidata Q98134740

General Information

* Is the cell line readily obtainable for third parties?
Research use: allowed
Clinical use: not allowed
Commercial use: not allowed
Subclone of

Donor Information

General Donor Information

Sex female
Ethnicity N/A

Phenotype and Disease related information (Donor)

Diseases No disease was diagnosed.
Family history NO
Is the medical history available upon request? NO
Is clinical information available? NO

Other Genotyping (Donor)

Is there genome-wide genotyping or functional data available?

Donor Relations

Other cell lines of this donor

External Databases (Donor)

BioSamples SAMEA7768918


Also have a look at the ethics information for the parental line WAe009-A .

hESC Derivation

The source cell information can be found in the parental cell line WAe009-A.

Culture Conditions

Medium Other medium:
Base medium: Essential 8 flex kit
Main protein source:
Serum concentration: %


No characterisation data could be found for this subclone. Please open parental cell line WAe009-A .


Karyotyping (Cell Line)

Other Genotyping (Cell Line)

Genetic Modification

Genetic modifications not related to a disease
Transgene expression
Doxycycline inducible dCAS9 fused with VP64-P16-RTA along with GFP and rtTA (3rd generation) driven by CAGS promoter. Transgene delivered by electroporation and inserted in the Adeno-associated virus integration site 1 (AAVS1).
Homologous Recombination