Start date 2020-01-01
End date 2021-12-31
Sponsor European Commission
Institution ETH Zurich

Associated cell lines

Project Description

BRAINTIME brings together six laboratories that are international leaders in the field of single-cell genomics with the aim to apply their knowledge and expertise to understand the human brain. In BRAINTIME, we will: (1) Perform a comprehensive multi-omic analysis of the developing human midbrain and hindbrain to generate an atlas of key monoaminergic cell populations in healthy adulthood, ageing and neurodegenerative disease; (2) Embed our new cell type maps into 3D contexts and temporal developmental models by integrating new approaches for computational modelling, cell fate tracking, spatial analysis and capturing cell-cell interactions; (3) Establish single-cell genomics-empowered ex-vivo protocols and standardized ex-vivo/in-vivo projection algorithms to allow flexible model testing and perturbation analysis on midbrain and hindbrain tissues; (4) Establish an effective and sustainable technological and analytical pipeline for the analysis of brain tissue at the single-cell level that can be used by the community to probe other brain regions or states and be extended to other human tissues. Achieving these objectives will significantly advance the Human Cell Atlas initiative by contributing major new datasets on human brain development and ageing, and ensure a key role for European labs in the global effort.