Legal status
Key organization Ministry of Healthcare (Bulgarian)
Policy hESC research is not directly regulated but falls within the Health Act (2004), whereby surplus IVF embryos can be used for research purposes, subject to the informed consent of the donor(s). Reproductive cloning of humans is prohibited.
Legislation The Bulgarian Health Act (2004)Order number 28 of June 20, 2007, on assisted reproduction Law on Transplantation of Organs, Tissues, and Cells (2003)Law Ratifying the Convention for Human Rights (2007) 2. SG No. 13/8, Article 134 (2008)
Legislation Link  http://solicitorbulgaria.com/index.php/bulgarian-health-act-part-2.http://www.mh.government.bg.http://bgtransplant.bg/iat/docs/Law%20on%20transplantation.doc.
Research with embryo Ova, spermatozoa and fertilized that have not been used for created progeny may be used for research, education or medical purposes with the proper informed consent from the donors.
Embryo donation and cryopreservation Sperm and egg donation is permitted
Genetic modification or selection it is prohibited the selection of gender as well as the modification of the huma genome in order to modify the progeny. However, human genome modification may be undertaken for preventive or therapeutic purposes.
Privacy and data protection Personal Data Protection Act (2006): http://www.ceecprivacy.org/pdf/law_bulgaria.pdf