Legal status
Key organization National Bioethics Commission (NBC)
Policy hESC research using IVF embryos or aborted foetuses is allowed. Reproductive cloning is prohibited. The creation of human embryos for research only is prohibited.
Legislation Law 3089: Medically assisted human reproduction
Legislation Link 1. Embryo Protection Act (1990): ublications/Embryo_Protection_ Act_19u.html 2. Stem Cell Act (2008): English translation of 2002 version: isch.pdf
Embryonic stem cell research policy Embryonic stem cells can be derived legally from surplus IVF embryos, for medical and research purposes. BMBF: Law Allowing the Import of Embryonic Stem Cells (2002):
Embryo donation and cryopreservation Embryos can be frozen and stored for up 5 years, after which they must either be destroyed or used for therapeutic or research purposes"
Somatic cell nuclear transfer SCNT is forbidden
Privacy and data protection Download Law 2472/1997