Gene correction of human induced pluripotent stem cells repairs the cellular phenotype in pulmonary alveolar proteinosis


These data establish PAP-iPSC-derived monocytes and macrophages as a valid in vitro disease model of CSF2RA-deficient PAP, and introduce gene-corrected iPSC-derived monocytes and macrophages as a potential autologous cell source for innovative therapeutic strategies. Transplantation of such cells to patients with hPAP could serve as a paradigmatic proof for the potential of iPSC-derived cells in clinical gene therapy.

Authors Lachmann N, Happle C, Ackermann M, Lüttge D, Wetzke M, Merkert S, Hetzel M, Kensah G, Jara-Avaca M, Mucci A, Skuljec J, Dittrich AM, Pfaff N, Brennig S, Schambach A, Steinemann D, Göhring G, Cantz T, Martin U, Schwerk N, Hansen G, Moritz T
Journal American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine
Publication Date 2014 Jan 15;189(2):167-82
PubMed 24279725
DOI 10.1164/rccm.201306-1012oc

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