Nucleus size and DNA accessibility are linked to the regulation of paraspeckle formation in cellular differentiation


Positive correlation between the size of the nucleus and the number of paraspeckles exist in numerous types of human cells. The tethering and structure of paraspeckles, as well as other lncRNAs, to the genome can be disrupted by small molecules that intercalate in DNA. The structure-function relationship of lncRNAs that regulates stem cell differentiation is likely to be determined by the dynamics of nucleus size and binding site accessibility.

Authors Grosch M, Ittermann S, Rusha E, Greisle T, Ori C, Truong DJ, O'Neill AC, Pertek A, Westmeyer GG, Drukker M
Journal BMC biology
Publication Date 2020 Apr 22;18(1):42
PubMed 32321486
PubMed Central PMC7178590
DOI 10.1186/s12915-020-00770-y

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