Quantitative proteomic analysis of Rett iPSC-derived neuronal progenitors


During early neuronal differentiation, there are consistent and time-point specific proteomic alterations in RTT patient cells carrying exons 3-4 deletion in MECP2. We found changes in proteins involved in pathway associated with RTT phenotypes, including dendrite morphology and synaptogenesis. Our results provide a valuable resource of proteins and pathways for follow-up studies, investigating common mechanisms involved during early disease stages of RTT syndrome.

Authors Varderidou-Minasian S, Hinz L, Hagemans D, Posthuma D, Altelaar M, Heine VM
Journal Molecular autism
Publication Date 2020 May 27;11(1):38
PubMed 32460858
PubMed Central PMC7251722
DOI 10.1186/s13229-020-00344-3

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