Increased Ca(2+) signaling in NRXN1α(+/-) neurons derived from ASD induced pluripotent stem cells


This is the first report to show that human NRXN1α+/- neurons derived from ASD patients' iPSCs present novel phenotypes of upregulated VGCCs and increased Ca2+ transients, which may facilitate the development of drug screening assays for the treatment of ASD. © The Author(s). 2019.

Authors Avazzadeh S, McDonagh K, Reilly J, Wang Y, Boomkamp SD, McInerney V, Krawczyk J, Fitzgerald J, Feerick N, O'Sullivan M, Jalali A, Forman EB, Lynch SA, Ennis S, Cosemans N, Peeters H, Dockery P, O'Brien T, Quinlan LR, Gallagher L, Shen S
Journal Molecular autism
Publication Date 2019;10:52
PubMed 31893021
PubMed Central PMC6937972
DOI 10.1186/s13229-019-0303-3

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