Generation of induced pluripotent stem cell line (NCKDi001-A) from a 19-year-old patient with a novel COL4A5 gene mutation in Alport syndrome


The clinical manifestations of Alport syndrome may vary depending on the involved organs such as the kidneys, cochlea and eyes. The pathogenic genes involved are those encoding different chains of type IV collagen. We collected PBMCs of a patient with a novel COL4A5 gene mutation(c.2687G > C). Subsequently, we used the electroporation system to transfer the reprogramming plasmids expressing OCT3/4, SOX2, KLF4, LIN28 and L-MYC into the PBMCs. We simultaneously carried out the tests on the iPSCs including Sanger sequencing for confirming the mutation site, immunofluorescence assay and flow cytometry for pluripotency markers as well as teratoma experiment for validating the pluripotency. Copyright © 2020. Published by Elsevier B.V.

Authors Wang G, Wu H, Gao E, Zhang L, Chen L, Zhu Y, Zhang J, Liu Z
Journal Stem cell research
Publication Date 2020 Dec;49:102023
PubMed 33128955
DOI 10.1016/j.scr.2020.102023

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