A preliminary study of MMP-9 and sCD40L in patients with coronary slow flow


Serum MMP-9 levels were higher in patients with CSF, and MMP-9 levels were positively correlated with CTFC. This suggests that chronic inflammation may play a role in CSF pathogenesis and that atherosclerotic plaques may be present in the coronary arteries of CSF patients. Additionally, serum levels of sCD40L, adhesion molecules, and CRP were higher in CSF patients, and CRP levels were positively correlated with CTFC. Adhesion molecule expression is promoted by sCD40L. Increased levels of sCD40L may therefore promote the development of CSF.

Authors Zhang X, Ding J, Xia S
Journal Annals of palliative medicine
Publication Date 2021 Jan;10(1):657-663
PubMed 33545794
DOI 10.21037/apm-20-2271

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