Development of iPSC-based clinical trial selection platform for patients with ultrarare diseases


A "Leap-of-Faith" approach is used to treat patients with previously unknown ultrarare pathogenic mutations, often based on evidence from patients having dissimilar but more prevalent mutations. This uncertainty reflects the need to develop personalized prescreening platforms for these patients to assess drug efficacy before considering clinical trial enrollment. In this study, we report an 18-year-old patient with ultrarare Leigh-like syndrome. This patient had previously participated in two clinical trials with unfavorable responses. We established an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based platform for this patient, and assessed the efficacy of a panel of drugs. The iPSC platform validated the safety and efficacy of the screened drugs. The efficacy of three of the screened drugs was also investigated in the patient. After 3 years of treatment, the drugs were effective in shifting the metabolic profile of this patient toward healthy control. Therefore, this personalized iPSC-based platform can act as a prescreening tool to help in decision-making with respect to patient's participation in future clinical trials.

Authors Sequiera GL, Srivastava A, Sareen N, Yan W, Alagarsamy KN, Verma E, Aghanoori MR, Aliani M, Kumar A, Fernyhough P, Rockman-Greenberg C, Dhingra S
Journal Science advances
Publication Date 2022 Apr 8;8(14):eabl4370
PubMed 35394834
PubMed Central PMC8993122
DOI 10.1126/sciadv.abl4370

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