Human pluripotent stem cell registry: Operations, role and current directions


The human plutiripotent stem cell registry (hPSCreg) is a global database for human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells (hESC, hiPSC). The publicly accessible Registry ( was set up to provide a transparent resource of quality-assessed hPSC lines as well as to increase reproducibility of research and interoperability of data. OBJECTIVES: In this review, we describe the establishment of the Registry and its mission, its development into a knowledgebase for hPSC and the current status of hPSC-focussed databases. The data categories available in hPSCreg are detailed. In addition, sharing and hurdles to data sharing on a global level are described. CONCLUSIONS: An outlook is provided on the establishment of digital representatives of donors using hybrids of data and hPSC-based biological models, and how this can also be used to reposition databases as mediators between donors and researchers. © 2022 The Authors. Cell Proliferation published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Authors Kurtz A, Mah N, Chen Y, Fuhr A, Kobold S, Seltmann S, Müller SC
Journal Cell proliferation
Publication Date 2022 Aug;55(8):e13238
PubMed 35522426
PubMed Central PMC9357359
DOI 10.1111/cpr.13238

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