Generation of a human iPSC line CIBi010-A with a reporter for ASGR1 using CRISPR/Cas9


ASGR1 is a liver-specific surface marker that has been used to purify human pluripotent stem cell (PSC)-derived hepatocytes (iHeps). Furthermore, ASGR1+ iHeps represents a more mature subpopulation of iHeps. To utilize this marker for optimizing iHep differentiation and purification, we substituted the stop coden of ASGR1 with a fluorescent reporter protein mCherry in a human iPSC line iPSN0052 via CRISPR/Cas9-mediated homologus recombination. The generated CIBi010-A enableds us to monitor ASGR1 expression during hepatic differentiation and thus can be used to optimize our hepatic differentiation procedures. Copyright © 2022 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Authors Fu J, Jiang L, Yu B, Liu Y, Wei R, Hu Y, Ho WI, Yang B, Chu M, Tse HF, Yang J
Journal Stem cell research
Publication Date 2022 Jul;62:102800
PubMed 35561459
DOI 10.1016/j.scr.2022.102800

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