Derivation of three new human embryonic stem cell lines


Human embryonic stem cells are pluripotent cells capable of extensive self-renewal and differentiation to all cells of the embryo proper. Here, we describe the derivation and characterization of three Sydney IVF human embryonic stem cell lines not already reported elsewhere, designated SIVF001, SIVF002, and SIVF014. The cell lines display typical compact colony morphology of embryonic stem cells, have stable growth rates over more than 40 passages and are cytogenetically normal. Furthermore, the cell lines express pluripotency markers including Nanog, Oct4, SSEA3 and Tra-1-81, and are capable of generating teratoma cells derived from each of the three germ layers in immunodeficient mice. These experiments show that the cell lines constitute pluripotent stem cell lines.

Authors Bradley CK, Chami O, Peura TT, Bosman A, Dumevska B, Schmidt U, Stojanov T
Journal In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Animal
Publication Date 2010 Apr;46(3-4):294-9
PubMed 20198447
DOI 10.1007/s11626-010-9298-y

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