Ten-year safety of pluripotent stem cell transplantation in acute thoracic spinal cord injury


This study provides crucial first-in-human safety data supporting the pursuit of future human embryonic stem cell-derived therapies. While we cannot exclude the possibility of future adverse events, the experience in this trial provides evidence that this cell type can be well tolerated by patients, with an event-free period of up to 10 years. Based on the safety profile of LCTOPC1 obtained in this study, a cervical dose escalation trial was initiated (NCT02302157).

Authors McKenna SL, Ehsanian R, Liu CY, Steinberg GK, Jones L, Lebkowski JS, Wirth E, Fessler RG
Journal Journal of neurosurgery. Spine
Publication Date 2022 Sep 1;37(3):321-330
PubMed 35364569
DOI 10.3171/2021.12.spine21622

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