A phase 1/2a dose-escalation study of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells in individuals with subacute cervical spinal cord injury


LCTOPC1 can be safely administered to participants in the subacute period after cervical SCI. The injection procedure, low-dose temporary immunosuppression regimen, and LCTOPC1 were well tolerated. The safety and neurological function data support further investigation to determine the efficacy of LCTOPC1 in the treatment of SCI. Clinical trial registration no.: NCT02302157 (ClinicalTrials.gov).

Authors Fessler RG, Ehsanian R, Liu CY, Steinberg GK, Jones L, Lebkowski JS, Wirth ED, McKenna SL
Journal Journal of neurosurgery. Spine
Publication Date 2022 Dec 1;37(6):812-820
PubMed 35901693
DOI 10.3171/2022.5.spine22167

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