Sex Differences in Onset and Progression of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy


Men with CAA seem to have an earlier onset (sCAA) and more hemorrhagic disease course (sCAA and D-CAA) compared with women. Future studies are necessary to confirm these findings and determine the underlying role of sex-related factors.

Authors Koemans EA, Castello JP, Rasing I, Abramson JR, Voigt S, Perosa V, van Harten TW, van Zwet EW, Terwindt GM, Gurol ME, Rosand J, Greenberg SM, van Walderveen MAA, Biffi A, Viswanathan A, Wermer MJH
Journal Stroke
Publication Date 2023 Feb;54(2):306-314
PubMed 36689586
PubMed Central PMC9855754
DOI 10.1161/strokeaha.122.040823

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