NEUROD2 function is dispensable for human pancreatic β cell specification


Overall, our results suggest that NEUROD2 is expendable for human b cell formation in vitro. Copyright © 2023 Cota, Saber, Taskin, Jing, Bastidas-Ponce, Vanheusden, Shahryari, Sterr, Burtscher, Bakhti and Lickert.

Authors Cota P, Saber L, Taskin D, Jing C, Bastidas-Ponce A, Vanheusden M, Shahryari A, Sterr M, Burtscher I, Bakhti M, Lickert H
Journal Frontiers in endocrinology
Publication Date 2023;14:1286590
PubMed 37955006
PubMed Central PMC10634430
DOI 10.3389/fendo.2023.1286590

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