Meeting Between Rumi and Shams in Notch Signaling; Implications for Pain Management: A Narrative Review


The meeting between Rumi and Shams, in the 13th century, was a turning point in the life of Rumi leading to a revolutionary effect in his thoughts, ideas, and poems. This was an ever-inspiring meeting with many results throughout the centuries. This meeting has created some footprints in cellular and molecular medicine: The discovery of two distinct genes in Drosophila, i.e. Rumi and Shams and their role in controlling Notch signaling, which has a critical role in cell biology. This nomination and the interactions between the two genes has led us to a number of novel studies during the last years. This article reviews the interactions between Rumi and Shams and their effects on Notch signaling in order to find potential novel drugs for pain control through drug development studies in the future.

Authors Rajaei S, Fatahi Y, Dabbagh A
Journal Anesthesiology and pain medicine
Publication Date 2019 Feb;9(1):e85279
PubMed 30881911
PubMed Central PMC6412915
DOI 10.5812/aapm.85279

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