Effect of inoculum density on human-induced pluripotent stem cell expansion in 3D bioreactors


In conclusion, the results show a significant effect of the inoculum density on cell expansion, differentiation and production of hiPSCs, emphasizing the importance of the inoculum density for downstream applications of hiPSCs. Furthermore, the bioreactor technology was successfully applied for controlled and scalable production of hiPSCs for clinical use. © 2019 The Authors. Cell Proliferation Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Authors Greuel S, Hanci G, Böhme M, Miki T, Schubert F, Sittinger M, Mandenius CF, Zeilinger K, Freyer N
Journal Cell proliferation
Publication Date 2019 Jul;52(4):e12604
PubMed 31069891
PubMed Central PMC6668975
DOI 10.1111/cpr.12604

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