The clinical trial of human embryonic stem cell derived epithelial cells transplantation in the treatment of severe ocular surface diseases

General Information

Clinical trials phase Alternative regulatory mechanism
Start date (estimated) 2015-10-01
Clinical feature
Label Limbal stem cell deficiency
Description A rare corneal disorder characterized by dysfunction and/or insufficient quantity of corneal limbal stem cells, leading to impaired self-renewal of the corneal epithelium and resulting in epithelial breakdown, corneal conjunctivalization and neovascularization, chronic inflammation, persistent epithelial defects, and scarring. Patients usually present with ocular redness, decreased vision, photophobia, foreign body sensation, tearing, and pain. The condition may be genetic, idiopathic, or acquired (in the context of inflammation, infection, trauma, or ocular surface tumors).

Administrative Information

Other study identifiers
Name ChiCTR-OCB-15005968
Description Chinese Clinical Trial Registry (ChiCTR)
Source weblink
Regulatory body approval
Name Ethic committee of Xiamen University affiliated Xiamen Eye Center 
Approval number 2014-ME-007
Public contact
Public email
First name Xin
Last name Che
Phone +86-18059254096
City Xiamen
Address freetext Eye Institute of Xiamen University
Sponsors Eye Institute of Xiamen University


Which differentiated cell type is used
Label corneal epithelial cell
Description An epithelial cell of the cornea.


Recruitment Status Recruiting
Estimated number of participants 20