Safety and Efficacy of CAStem for Severe COVID-19 Associated With/Without ARDS

General Information

Summary A phase1/2, open label, dose escalation, safety and early efficacy study of CAStem for the treatment of severe COVID-19 associated with or without ARDS.
Description CAStem is an injectable product composed of immunity- and matrix-regulatory cells (IMRCs), also named M cells, differentiated from clinical-grade human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) will be expanded, harvested, and formulated at a concentration of 50 x 10^6 cells/mL. CAStem will be cryopreserved and transported to clinical site using liquid nitrogen vapor shipping vessels (< -150ºC). Prior to injection, CAStem will be thawed to liquefy quickly, and then reconstituted in normal saline.In the present study, the intravenous infusion dose of CAStem will be 3, 5 or 10 million cells/kg.
Clinical trials phase Phases 1/2
Start date (estimated) 2020-01-27
End date (estimated) 2020-12-31
Clinical feature
Label COVID-19
Description A Coronavirus infectious disease that is characterized by fever, cough and shortness of breath and that has_material_basis_in SARS-CoV-2.

Administrative Information

NCT number NCT04331613
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Other study identifiers
Name ChineseASZQ-006
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Public contact
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First name Liu
Last name Wang
Sponsors Chinese Academy of Sciences


Which differentiated cell type is used
Label mesenchymal stem cell
Description A connective tissue cell that normally gives rise to other cells that are organized as three-dimensional masses. In humans, this cell type is CD73-positive, CD90-positive, CD105-positive, CD45-negative, CD34-negative, and MHCII-negative. They may further differentiate into osteoblasts, adipocytes, myocytes, neurons, or chondroblasts in vitro. Originally described as residing in the bone marrow, this cell type is now known to reside in many, if not all, adult organs.; Many but not all mesenchymal cells derive from the mesoderm. MSCs are reportedly CD3-negative, CD4-negative, CD5-negative, CD8-negative, CD11a-negative, CD11b-negative, CD14-negative, CD19-negative, CD29-positive, CD31-negative, CD34-negative, CD38-negative, CD40-negative, CD44-positive, CD45-negative, CD49-positive, CD54-positive, CD66b-negative, CD79a-negative, CD80-negative, CD102-positive, CD106-positive, CD117-positive, CD121a-positive, CD121b-positive, CD123-positive, CD124-positive, CD133-negative, CD146-positive, CD166-positive, CD271-positive, B220-negative, Gr1-negative, MHCI-positive, MHCII-negative, SSEA4-negative, sca1-positive, Ter119-negative, and glycophorin A-negative. Cultured MSCs are capable of producing stem cell factor, IL7, IL8, IL11, TGF-beta, cofilin, galectin-1, laminin-receptor 1, cyclophilin A, and MMP-2.


Recruitment Status Unknown Status
Estimated number of participants 9