Minimum Information About a Cellular Assay for Regenerative Medicine

MIACARM was released in 2016 as a guideline for standardizing items and formatting cellular assay data produced from stem cell banks all over the world. It is intended to promote data exchange for the facilitation of practical regenerative medicine.

MIACARM is expected to enable the description of advanced cellular experiments with defined taxonomy of human cell types and controlled terms, and the description of procedures and quality checks for stem cells. It is also expected to provide a platform for cellular assay data exchange among the over 30 cell banks or registries around the world. Advantages by adopting MIACARM include the deposition of minimum information and assay metadata to reduce missing and unnecessary information about the cells, the progress toward reproducible experiments, and the retrieval of stem cell lines by omnibus search across all cell banks and registries in the world.

The goal of MIACARM is to provide a standard system that allows easy exchange of information between these banks and registries and to identify essential items that should be available in all banks for proper regulatory compliance in the manufacturing of regenerative medicine.

People involved in the collaboration with hPSCreg:
Ying Chen and Wataru Fujibuchi