Legal status
Key organization 1. Ministry of Health (MOH)
Policy hESC research is restricted to clinical observations (non-interventional trials). Other uses and the import and export of tissues of a human embryo, stem cells of a human embryo and lines thereof are prohibited.
Regulations Decree No. V-660 on the Procedure to Issue Authorization for the Transit of Tissues of Human Embryonic Tissue, Embryonic Stem Cells and their Lines, Fetal Tissue, and Fetal Stem Cells throughout the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania (2007)
Legislation Law on Ethics of Biomedical Research, (2014)
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Embryonic stem cell research policy hESC research is not allowed. Research using imported hESC would not be possible because both import and export into/from the territory is prohibited as well.
Research with embryo Only observational studies on human embryo are allowed.
Embryo donation and cryopreservation Healthy dividing embryos can be frozen. Sperm, egg or embryo donation is not currently allowed Creation of human embryos por research purposes is prohubited
Somatic cell nuclear transfer SNCT is forbidden.
Genetic modification or selection Inheritable genetic modification is prohibited.
Privacy and data protection Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data (2011):