Legal status
Key organization Mexican Society for Stem Cell Research
Policy No law or regulation mentions specifically human embryonic nor hiPSC, and therefore, no specific restrictions are in place for the derivation of human pluripotent cells from low-quality embryos discarded from fertility clinics. The import of all human cells to the country requires a specific permit from the Health Secretary.
Legislation Absent. The only type of stem cells that are regulated are hematopoietic cells, which cannot be commercialized, only donated.
Legislation Link
Embryonic stem cell research policy Funding agencies accept proposals for research with hESCs and hiPSCs.
Research with embryo No specific regulations are in place. It is prohibited to transplant fetal tissue from induced abortions to living humans.
Embryo donation and cryopreservation In vitro fertilization and cryopreservation of human embryos are allowed, but only for reproductive purposes. Low-quality pre-implantation human embryos can be donated for research purposes.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer Not mentioned in the law.


hESC Cell lines

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hiPSC Cell lines