Legal status
Key organization National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences
Policy hESC research is only allowed with IVF embryos. The creation of embryos for research is prohibited.
Legislation Law n. 32/2006, of 26th July on medically assisted procreation.
Legislation Link http://www.fd.unl.pt/docentes_docs/ma/tpb_MA_4022.pdf
Embryonic stem cell research policy The derivation of new hESC from embryos created as a result of assisted procreation technologies and in vitro fertilization to induce pregnancy is allowed, but only when the embryos can no longer be used for that purpose.
Research with embryo Only embryos with particularly severe genetic anomalies with no conditions to be preserved or implanted, embryos not derived by fertilization of a human oocyte by human sperm, or those created to enhance the success rate of IVF that became supernumerary and no longer a part of a parental project, can be used for research purposes.
Embryo donation and cryopreservation embryo donation and embryo cryopreservation is allowed.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer SCNT is forbidden.
Privacy and data protection Law n. º 12/2005 of 26 January Personal genetic information and health information https://www.eshg.org/fileadmin/www.eshg.org/documents/Europe/LegalWS/Portugal_Law-UnofficialEnglishTranslation.pdf



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