Legal status
Key organization National Medical Ethics Committee (NMEC)
Policy hESC research is allowed if IVF embryos up to 14 days post-fertilisation are used and if informed consent and official approval are obtained. The creation of embryos for research and cloning is prohibited.
Legislation Law on Biomedically Assisted Fertilization No. 70 (2000)
Embryonic stem cell research policy hESC research is allowed with spar IVF embryos.
Research with embryo The Law on Biomedically Assisted Fertilisation (Art. 38) allows the use of those early embryos that were created for the purpose of biomedically assisted procreation that are not suitable for transfer into the woman’s body or for cryopreservation for future reproductive purposes. The Law also allows the use for research of cryopreserved embryos that will no longer be used for a parental project and would otherwise be destructed (embryos may be stored for up to 5 years). the creation of human embryos for research is prohibited.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer SNCT is forbidden.
Privacy and data protection Personal Data Protection Act No. 59 (1999) Act Amending the Personal Data Protection Act No. 57/2001


hESC Cell lines

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hiPSC Cell lines