Single-cell whole-genome amplification technique impacts the accuracy of SNP microarray-based genotyping and copy number analyses


Methods of comprehensive microarray-based aneuploidy screening in single cells are rapidly emerging. Whole-genome amplification (WGA) remains a critical component for these methods to be successful. A number of commercially available WGA kits have been independently utilized in previous single-cell microarray studies. However, direct comparison of their performance on single cells has not been conducted. The present study demonstrates that among previously published methods, a single-cell GenomePlex WGA protocol provides the best combination of speed and accuracy for single nucleotide polymorphism microarray-based copy number (CN) analysis when compared with a REPLI-g- or GenomiPhi-based protocol. Alternatively, for applications that do not have constraints on turnaround time and that are directed at accurate genotyping rather than CN assignments, a REPLI-g-based protocol may provide the best solution.

Authors Treff NR, Su J, Tao X, Northrop LE, Scott RT Jr
Journal Molecular human reproduction
Publication Date 2011 Jun;17(6):335-43
PubMed 21177337
PubMed Central PMC3097071
DOI 10.1093/molehr/gaq103

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