Unannotated single nucleotide polymorphisms in the TATA box of erythropoiesis genes show in vitro positive involvements in cognitive and mental disorders


The literature data and experimental and computations results suggest that the uncovered candidate SNP markers of erythropoiesis anomalies may also be studied in cohorts of patients with cognitive and/or mental disorders with comorbid erythropoiesis diseases in comparison to conventionally healthy volunteers. Research into the regulatory mechanisms by which the identified SNP markers contribute to the development of hemoglobinopathies and of the associated cognitive deficits will allow physicians not only to take timely and adequate measures against hemoglobinopathies but also to implement strategies preventing cognitive and mental disorders.

Authors Ponomarenko M, Sharypova E, Drachkova I, Chadaeva I, Arkova O, Podkolodnaya O, Ponomarenko P, Kolchanov N, Savinkova L
Journal BMC medical genetics
Publication Date 2020 Oct 22;21(Suppl 1):165
PubMed 33092544
PubMed Central PMC7579878
DOI 10.1186/s12881-020-01106-x

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