COVID19-associated cardiomyocyte dysfunction, arrhythmias and the effect of Canakinumab


Serum derived from COVID19 patients exerts acute cardio-depressant and chronic pro-arrhythmogenic effects in rat and iPS-derived cardiomyocytes. Canakinumab had no beneficial effect on cellular Ca2+ signaling during excitation-contraction coupling. The presented method utilizing iPS-CM and in-vitro Ca2+ imaging might serve as a novel tool for precision medicine. It allows to investigate cytokine related cardiac dysfunction and pharmacological approaches useful therein.

Authors Dimai S, Semmler L, Prabhu A, Stachelscheid H, Huettemeister J, Klaucke SC, Lacour P, Blaschke F, Kruse J, Parwani A, Boldt LH, Bullinger L, Pieske BM, Heinzel FR, Hohendanner F
Journal PloS one
Publication Date 2021;16(8):e0255976
PubMed 34411149
PubMed Central PMC8376065
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0255976

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