Reproducibility of developmental neuroplasticity in in vitro brain tissue models


The current prevalence of neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative diseases, stroke and brain injury stimulates studies aimed to identify new molecular targets, to select the drug candidates, to complete the whole set of preclinical and clinical trials, and to implement new drugs into routine neurological practice. Establishment of protocols based on microfluidics, blood-brain barrier- or neurovascular unit-on-chip, and microphysiological systems allowed improving the barrier characteristics and analyzing the regulation of local microcirculation, angiogenesis, and neurogenesis. Reconstruction of key mechanisms of brain development and even some aspects of experience-driven brain plasticity would be helpful in the establishment of brain in vitro models with the highest degree of reliability. Activity, metabolic status and expression pattern of cells within the models can be effectively assessed with the protocols of system biology, cell imaging, and functional cell analysis. The next generation of in vitro models should demonstrate high scalability, 3D or 4D complexity, possibility to be combined with other tissues or cell types within the microphysiological systems, compatibility with bio-inks or extracellular matrix-like materials, achievement of adequate vascularization, patient-specific characteristics, and opportunity to provide high-content screening. In this review, we will focus on currently available and prospective brain tissue in vitro models suitable for experimental and preclinical studies with the special focus on models enabling 4D reconstruction of brain tissue for the assessment of brain development, brain plasticity, and drug kinetics. © 2021 Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston.

Authors Salmina AB, Malinovskaya NA, Morgun AV, Khilazheva ED, Uspenskaya YA, Illarioshkin SN
Journal Reviews in the neurosciences
Publication Date 2022 Jul 26;33(5):531-554
PubMed 34983132
DOI 10.1515/revneuro-2021-0137

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