Microglial amyloid beta clearance is driven by PIEZO1 channels


These results indicate that the compromised function of microglia in AD could be improved by controlled activation of PIEZO1 channels resulting in alleviated Aβ burden. Pharmacological regulation of these mechanoreceptors in microglia could represent a novel therapeutic paradigm for AD. © 2022. The Author(s).

Authors Jäntti H, Sitnikova V, Ishchenko Y, Shakirzyanova A, Giudice L, Ugidos IF, Gómez-Budia M, Korvenlaita N, Ohtonen S, Belaya I, Fazaludeen F, Mikhailov N, Gotkiewicz M, Ketola K, Lehtonen Š, Koistinaho J, Kanninen KM, Hernández D, Pébay A, Giugno R, Korhonen P, Giniatullin R, Malm T
Journal Journal of neuroinflammation
Publication Date 2022 Jun 15;19(1):147
PubMed 35706029
PubMed Central PMC9199162
DOI 10.1186/s12974-022-02486-y

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