Bioinspired two-in-one nanotransistor sensor for the simultaneous measurements of electrical and mechanical cellular responses


The excitation-contraction dynamics in cardiac tissue are the most important physiological parameters for assessing developmental state. We demonstrate integrated nanoelectronic sensors capable of simultaneously probing electrical and mechanical cellular responses. The sensor is configured from a three-dimensional nanotransistor with its conduction channel protruding out of the plane. The structure promotes not only a tight seal with the cell for detecting action potential via field effect but also a close mechanical coupling for detecting cellular force via piezoresistive effect. Arrays of nanotransistors are integrated to realize label-free, submillisecond, and scalable interrogation of correlated cell dynamics, showing advantages in tracking and differentiating cell states in drug studies. The sensor can further decode vector information in cellular motion beyond typical scalar information acquired at the tissue level, hence offering an improved tool for cell mechanics studies. The sensor enables not only improved bioelectronic detections but also reduced invasiveness through the two-in-one converging integration.

Authors Gao H, Yang F, Sattari K, Du X, Fu T, Fu S, Liu X, Lin J, Sun Y, Yao J
Journal Science advances
Publication Date 2022 Aug 26;8(34):eabn2485
PubMed 36001656
PubMed Central PMC9401615
DOI 10.1126/sciadv.abn2485

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