Robust generation of human-chambered cardiac organoids from pluripotent stem cells for improved modelling of cardiovascular diseases


Our findings shed novel insights into the role of progenitors in CCO formation and pave the way for the robust generation of cardiac organoids, as a platform for future applications in disease modelling and drug screening in vitro. © 2022. The Author(s).

Authors Ho BX, Pang JKS, Chen Y, Loh YH, An O, Yang HH, Seshachalam VP, Koh JLY, Chan WK, Ng SY, Soh BS
Journal Stem cell research & therapy
Publication Date 2022 Dec 21;13(1):529
PubMed 36544188
PubMed Central PMC9773542
DOI 10.1186/s13287-022-03215-1

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