The Emerging Role of Biological Sex in Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury


Neural progenitor cell (NPC) transplantation is a promising potential therapy for replacing spinal cord neurons and glial cells following spinal cord injury (SCI). Despite the rapid advancement of NPC transplantation to SCI clinical trials, we still lack understanding of fundamental biology underlying how NPC grafts interact with the injured host nervous system. Our recent study demonstrated a potent effect of biological sex mismatch between donor and host on graft immune rejection. Here we discuss the implications of this study in the context of clinical trials for SCI, and important topics for future research in SCI cell transplantation. © The Author(s) 2023.

Authors Tucker A, Dulin JN
Journal Neuroscience insights
Publication Date 2023;18:26331055231153128
PubMed 36798608
PubMed Central PMC9925999
DOI 10.1177/26331055231153128

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