CHD-associated enhancers shape human cardiomyocyte lineage commitment


Enhancers orchestrate gene expression programs that drive multicellular development and lineage commitment. Thus, genetic variants at enhancers are thought to contribute to developmental diseases by altering cell fate commitment. However, while many variant-containing enhancers have been identified, studies to endogenously test the impact of these enhancers on lineage commitment have been lacking. We perform a single-cell CRISPRi screen to assess the endogenous roles of 25 enhancers and putative cardiac target genes implicated in genetic studies of congenital heart defects (CHDs). We identify 16 enhancers whose repression leads to deficient differentiation of human cardiomyocytes (CMs). A focused CRISPRi validation screen shows that repression of TBX5 enhancers delays the transcriptional switch from mid- to late-stage CM states. Endogenous genetic deletions of two TBX5 enhancers phenocopy epigenetic perturbations. Together, these results identify critical enhancers of cardiac development and suggest that misregulation of these enhancers could contribute to cardiac defects in human patients. © 2023, Armendariz, Goetsch et al.

Authors Armendariz DA, Goetsch SC, Sundarrajan A, Sivakumar S, Wang Y, Xie S, Munshi NV, Hon GC
Journal eLife
Publication Date 2023 Apr 25;12
PubMed 37096669
PubMed Central PMC10156167
DOI 10.7554/elife.86206

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