Suspension culture improves iPSC expansion and pluripotency phenotype


This study demonstrates nearly 100-fold iPSC expansion over 5-days using our 3D suspension culture protocol in Vertical-Wheel® bioreactors, the largest cell growth reported to date. 3D expanded cells showed enhanced in vitro and in vivo pluripotency phenotype that may support more efficient scale-up strategies and safer clinical implementation. © 2023. The Author(s).

Authors Cuesta-Gomez N, Verhoeff K, Dadheech N, Dang T, Jasra IT, de Leon MB, Pawlick R, Marfil-Garza B, Anwar P, Razavy H, Zapata-Morin PA, Jickling G, Thiesen A, O'Gorman D, Kallos MS, Shapiro AMJ
Journal Stem cell research & therapy
Publication Date 2023 Jun 6;14(1):154
PubMed 37280707
PubMed Central PMC10245469
DOI 10.1186/s13287-023-03382-9

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