Generation of a Well-Characterized Homozygous Chromodomain-Helicase-DNA-Binding Protein 4(G1003D) Mutant hESC Line Using CRISPR/eCas9 (ULIEGEe001-A-1)


The chromatin remodeler Chromodomain-helicase-DNA-binding protein 4 (CHD4) is crucial for the development of multiple organ systems. Functional mutations of CHD4 have recently been described in a developmental disorder, namely Siffrim-Hitz-Weiss syndrome (SIHIWES). Herein, we have generated a homozygous CHD4G1003D hESC line (WAe025-A-1) using CRISPR/eCas9-based gene editing in the WA-25 hESC line. The edited hESC line maintains normal karyotype, pluripotency, and ability to differentiate into three germ layers. This cell line will be a valuable resource for studying the functional role of CHD4 during the development and disease modeling of SIHIWES in vitro.

Authors Chohra I, Giri S, Malgrange B
Journal International journal of molecular sciences
Publication Date 2023 Jun 23;24(13)
PubMed 37445725
PubMed Central PMC10342000
DOI 10.3390/ijms241310543

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