Derivation of Man-1 and Man-2 research grade human embryonic stem cell lines


We report here the derivation of two new human embryonic stem cell lines, Man-1 and Man-2, and their full characterization as novel pluripotent stem cell lines. Man-1 was derived from an embryo surplus to requirement from routine IVF, while Man-2 was obtained from an oocyte classified as failed to fertilise and subsequently chemically activated. We report the characterisation of pluripotency and the differentiation potential of these lines. Work is in progress to establish novel methods of stem cell derivation and culture, which will avoid the use of xenobiotics and be relevant to clinical production of human embryonic stem cell lines. Both newly derived human embryonic stem cell lines will be available for the research community from the UK Stem Cell Bank (

Authors Camarasa MV, Kerr RW, Sneddon SF, Bates N, Shaw L, Oldershaw RA, Small F, Baxter MA, Mckay TR, Brison DR, Kimber SJ
Journal In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Animal
Publication Date 2010 Apr;46(3-4):386-94
PubMed 20177994
DOI 10.1007/s11626-010-9291-5

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