Derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines from embryos obtained after IVF and after PGD for monogenic disorders


We report here on the derivation of two hES cell lines presumed to be genetically normal (VUB01 and VUB02) and three hES cell lines carrying mutations for myotonic dystrophy type 1 (VUB03_DM1), cystic fibrosis (VUB04_CF) and Huntington disease (VUB05_HD).

Authors Mateizel I, De Temmerman N, Ullmann U, Cauffman G, Sermon K, Van de Velde H, De Rycke M, Degreef E, Devroey P, Liebaers I, Van Steirteghem A
Journal Human reproduction (Oxford, England)
Publication Date 2006 Feb;21(2):503-11
PubMed 16284066
DOI 10.1093/humrep/dei345

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