Lack of population diversity in commonly used human embryonic stem-cell lines


We determined the genetic ancestry of a large collection of stem-cell lines. We have found that widely distributed stem-cell lines lack population diversity and that none of these lines derive from populations with recent African ancestry. Efforts to derive and disseminate new stem-cell lines should now emphasize underrepresented poplulations, to allow researchers to assess the extent to which the ancestry of stem -cell lines influences disease models, cellular therapies, and drug screeening with the use of stem cells.

Authors Mosher JT, Pemberton TJ, Harter K, Wang C, Buzbas EO, Dvorak P, Simón C, Morrison SJ, Rosenberg NA
Journal The New England journal of medicine
Publication Date 2010 Jan 14;362(2):183-5
PubMed 20018958
DOI 10.1056/nejmc0910371

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